Zdeno Mikuláško wins sprint race at Slovakia Ring

Zdeno Mikuláško wins sprint race at Slovakia Ring

Zdeno Mikuláško confirmed his role as the favorite and dominated the ESET GT classification at the Slovakia Ring, racing in a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 to secure victory. Filip Salaquarda, finishing second, is one step away from claiming the title in the ESET GT3.

Mikuláško took the lead at the start ahead of Dan Skočdopole in an LMP3 prototype. In the first turn, Filip Salaquarda attempted to challenge the black prototype but eventually fell back and settled in third place overall. Skočdopole later overtook Mikuláško and claimed the lead in the race.

In the GT3 classification, Mikuláško led in the Lamborghini, followed by Salaquarda in an Audi, closely pursued by Štefan Rosina in a BMW. Miro Konopka quickly caught up to them after initially dropping a few positions at the start. With his LMP3 prototype, Konopka had a performance advantage. He first surpassed Rosina and then Salaquarda.

In sixth place overall and first in the GTC category, Matěj Pavlíček raced with a Lamborghini. Pavlíček, who is contending for the GTC title with his teammate Jáchym Galáš, held off GT3 cars driven by Nicolas Leutwiler and Libor Milota. Galáš and Dennis Waszek, Pavlíček’s main rivals, followed closely.

In the fifth lap, Leutwiler and Milota passed Pavlíček, allowing Galáš and Waszek to have a clear path to Pavlíček and initiate their battle for first place and valuable points. Galáš even attempted a overtaking maneuver reminiscent of Mika Hakkinen at Spa 2000, but Pavlíček remained in the lead. When Galáš tried to overtake Pavlíček in the last turn of the penultimate lap, he almost couldn’t keep his Lamborghini on the track and lost a few tenths of a second.

Zdeno Mikuláško emerged as the dominant winner of the ESET GT race, ahead of Filip Salaquarda, who solidified his dominant season with a second-place finish and is one step closer to the title. With consideration given to counting the best result in both sprints, Salaquarda only needs Libor Milota not to win the Sunday sprint. Štefan Rosina finished third, followed by Milota, Leutwiler, Piotr Wira, and Stanislaw Jedlinski.

In the end, Pavlíček held onto first place ahead of Galáš by 0.283 seconds. Waszek finished third, followed by Jakub Klobása, Max Lahmer, Libor Dvořáček, and Richard Woschitz.

In the GTX category, Tomáš Miniberger won with a KTM GTX, while in the D4-TC classification, local driver Maťo Homola claimed victory with a Hyundai Elantra. Antal Zsigo took another victorious cup in the GT4 category, with Matej Kosič finishing second in a Mercedes. The overall race standings were naturally dominated by the LMP3 prototypes, with Dan Skočdopole and local driver Miro Konopka.