Václav Nimč jr. and Milovan Vesnič have won in ESET TCR at Grobnik

Václav Nimč jr. and Milovan Vesnič have won in ESET TCR at Grobnik

Croatia circuit Grobnik has hosted third race weekend ESET TCR. For a couple of drivers it was new track with really challenging hot weather.

Great joy burst out in the Křenek Motorsport team where the very first victory was achieved by Václav Nimč Jr. The young pilot quickly got used to the track unknown to him and flew off the rest of the starting field in the TCR category.

“I am very happy with the result, although I was quite nervous. I did not want to make a mistake and was afraid that the car might not endure. But my fears were in vain in the end. On the other hand, I know that if it had not been for the problems of Milovan Vesnic,my journey to the victory would not have been so smooth,“ said Nimč Jr., driving an Audi RS3 LMS.

The second rank belonged to an Opel Astra TCR driven by the Austrian pilot nicknamed Tessitore. The third rank was occupied by Csaba Tóth in his Seat Cupra of the Zengö Motorsport team. Fourth place belonged to Milovan Vesnič with Seat Cupra.

At the beginning of the second race, a nice duel was enacted by Milovan Vesnič and Václav Nimč. The Serbian pilot of Seat Cupra however only needed a couple of laps to leave his Czech follower in his Audi RS3 far behind to win the cup for the winner after Saturday´s trouble. Nimč, after his Saturday victory, received the cup for the second rank on Sunday. The two of them were joined on the podium by the Austrian pilot Tessitore with Opel Astra.

TCR cars also participate in Saturday´s Endurance race. The victory belonged to the crew Peter Eibisberger–Mario Klammer in Opel Astra and the second rank to the pair Csaba Töth – Gabor Kismarty in Seat Cupra.

“I am much satisfied with the result, we are still in the lead and there are mere two races left before the end of the championship, one at the Slovakia Ring and the other in Brno. I am also very happy with the Hankook tyres, managing the endurance perfectly. My quickest lap was the eleventh lap and I was already the second pilot in the car which shows how well the tyres cope,” said Gabor Kismarty in the finish.

ESET TCR 1. race

  1. Václav Nimč – Audi RS3 LMS TCR
  2. Tessitore – Opel Astra TCR
  3. Csaba Tóth – Seat Cupra TCR

ESET TCR 2. race

  1. Milovan Vesnič – Seat Cupra TCR
  2. Václav Nimč – Audi RS3 LMS
  3. Tessitore – Opel Astra TCR


  1. Reter Eibisberger–Mario Klammer – Opel Astra TCR
  2. Csaba Töth–Gábor Kismarty – Seat Cupra TCR