Opportunity for victory opens up in the Clio Cup at Brno

Opportunity for victory opens up in the Clio Cup at Brno

Experienced driver Tomáš Pekař dominated this year’s Clio Cup, winning eight out of ten races with his fifth-generation orange Clio. However, he will be absent in Brno, creating an opportunity for his competitors.

The Clio Cup had a clear favorite in the fifth-generation car category. Pekař was only defeated once in Hungary when Jerzy Spinkiewicz surpassed him in a race. While Pekař’s teammate Henrik Seibel emerged victorious in Most after Pekař’s accident in the first corner. With Pekař’s absence at the Automotodrom Brno, a unique chance arises for the rest of the Clio V field.

Nik Štefančič currently holds second place in the standings and would undoubtedly like to conclude his debut season with a win. However, Szabolcs Lantos and Miha Primožič will also aim to pick up the gauntlet thrown down. They will be joined by David Malinkovski, Andrej Makarovic, Martin Fischer, Dejan Robida, and Ondrej Fekete. These eight drivers will battle it out twice for the victorious trophy in the Clio Cup.

But the list of competitors doesn’t end there. Six drivers will compete with the older, and paradoxically faster, Clio IV generation. Martin Kadlečík leads the pack, having been undefeated this year, winning ten races in a row. Will he finish the season with twelve wins, or will one of his rivals finally make it to the top podium spot? Michael Hulm and Adam Konopka have the best chance of matching Kadlečík’s speed. In the Clio IV field, we will also see Richard Meixner, Jiří Zbožínek, and Igor Tomljanović.