Two formula races were won by Benjamin Berta and Attila Pénzes

Two formula races were won by Benjamin Berta and Attila Pénzes

Saturday morning was accompanied by changeable and rainy weather, however, as soon as drivers went to the grid, wet weather left the area and drivers started on dry tires. Due to the fact that the track was still wet in some places, the first two laps were run behind the safety car.

Benjamin Berta with Dallara F314 easily took the lead from pole position. In second place was Paolo Brajnik, who could only watch Berta move away from him. The third Attila Pénzes also drove alone without the fight.

The winner of the first race in the F3 category was Benjenin Berta from the Solution Racing SE team, ahead of Daniel Tapinos and David Richert. Paolo Brajnik triumphed in the E2-2.0 category, followed by Attila Pénzes, who was joined on the podium by János Magyar. Tommaso Lovati from the Lema Racing team won the F4 classification.

There was an incident between Benjamin Berta and Paolo Brajnik in Sunday’s race and a safety car had to lead pack of formula cars for a couple of laps. The two big favourites for win were out, so it opened chances for other riders.

The race was won by Attila Pénzes, who also won E2-2.0 category ahead of the local driver János Magyar. David Richert won the F3 category, Luca Iannaccone finished second, Philipp Todtenhaupt third. Tommaso Lovati achieved another win in the F4 category.