Twingo Cup in 2024 and the All-Star Race at Balaton

Twingo Cup in 2024 and the All-Star Race at Balaton

The Twingo Cup will again take place this year as part of the ESET Cup race weekends in three instances. The championship of small Renault cars is among the favorite series, and what they lack in size, they easily make up for with amazing battles on the track.

The Twingo Cup has low operating costs and is an ideal gateway to the world of motorsport. A racer does not need a karting background to participate in the Twingo Cup. This series can play a significant role in preparing drivers for their future careers. They can experience racing at low costs, gain experience, and explore new circuits. In this season, the Twingo Cup will visit the new Balaton Park circuit, then head to the Autodrom Most and the Slovakia Ring.

The starting grid of the Twingo Cup usually consists of several dozen cars. It is not uncommon for more than thirty cars to line up, battling for positions in close succession until the finish line. Side-by-side in turns, drafting on straightaways, and bumper-to-bumper pushing are common sights in the Twingo Cup.

The Twingo Cup even inspired experienced driver Josef Záruba to organize the All-Star race. “Once, with Filip Sládečka, Broňek Formánek, and Jiří Mičánek, we were watching a Twingo Cup race and thought it would be great to try it someday,” explains Záruba.

The idea gradually matured, and this year an opportunity arose to make it happen. The celebrity race will take place at the end of April at Balaton Park, where participants such as the Sládeček brothers Filip and Samuel, Bronislav Formánek, Tomáš Mičánek, Štefan Rosina, and of course Josef Záruba will come together. Other names have not been confirmed yet.

“I would like at least eight of us to participate. I plan to invite drivers with experience in F1. If they are interested and available, it would definitely be an attractive addition,” says Záruba.

The star names will be part of the starting grid. It will be interesting to see how they perform among dozens of cars, competing against young drivers and experienced veterans of the Twingo Cup. Although driving a Twingo is not demanding, strategy and prudence play a significant role in ultimate success. The key to success is to attack at the right moment.

“Of course, we don’t want to perform any craziness on the track. We will start with drivers who will compete throughout the season and fight for the title. Our goal is to enjoy racing with the championship drivers and especially among ourselves because even though we have known each other in the paddock for many years, we have never met on the track together. After Balaton Park, we will see if we repeat the experience in Most or on the Slovakia Ring,” Záruba adds.

27.–28. 04. – Balaton Park
03.–04. 08. – Most
24.–25. 08. – Slovakia Ring