Twingo Cup champion is Tomaž Trček, with just one win

Twingo Cup champion is Tomaž Trček, with just one win

Like Mike Hawthorn or Keke Rosberg in formula 1. For those two drivers was one win just enough to become world champions. It´s same for Tomaž Trček, who won one race in Twingo Cup, but during whole season was infront and at finale in Brno he become champ of this series.

It´s one of the most tight championship result in Twingo Cup and you are on the top, you must be really happy.
Yes, very happy with this tight win at the end. Great season, great fights with Kramer brothers.

First half of the season was in command of Kramer´s brothers. But you were always there, how difficult is to hold front positions Twingo cup?
Yes only one win but high postion finishes all season were enough to win at the end. Very hard because we had some great drivers in the cup this year.

How important is slipstream in Twingo cup and did you have slipstream partner?
Its very important, especially in this kind of tracks like Brno, Slovakiaring, Hungaroring, Grobnik with alot of straights and some parts of the circuit where your going uphill. No slipstream partner for me in qualifying.

Which race are you going to remember for a long time?
The last one in Brno. Great both races, great fights with Kramer brothers like i mentioned before and of course winning the championship.

Which circuit in this year calendar of ESET was your favorite?
Brno is my favorite, really like the track and had some great races here and the number one reason i won my first championship back in 2014 in Punto CUP.

What are your plans for the rest of this year and what are your plans for next year?
For this year i have no plans, maybe some races just for fun. In 2019 i think i will stay in Twingo CUP.