Tobias Poschik is leading the Clio Cup halfway through the season

Tobias Poschik is leading the Clio Cup halfway through the season

Tobias Poschik is the favourite to win the Clio Cup title. The newcomer in the Carpek Service team is one of the fastest competitors in the championship and has been leading points standing since the first race.

Poschik moved from go-kart racing to the world of big circuits and chose the Clio Cup within the ESET Cup as the place of his debut. He entered this season with the older and tried generation Clio IV and won on the first try. He won and finished second at the inaugural event at the Hungaroring. He was second again at the Red Bull Ring and repeated the combination of victory and second place in Poznan.

“I am just happy with the season. I try to collect as many points as possible in each race. I’m not just thinking about the championship, I want to do my best at every race. In Poznan, I again increased my lead at the top of the table, but the season is only halfway through and there are still three events left, ” warned Poschik.

He started at Poznań for the first time and immediately liked the track there: “I like it here, the track is very bumpy and braking in corners is complicated because you have to brake on the limit to be fast enough, but you must not overdo it. This track doesn´t forgive mistakes. ”

It should be noted that Poschik made one fundamental mistake in Poznan. He made a jump start in the first race: “It was a difficult race, because I ruined the start and received the drive through penalty. I was angry with myself, but I had to keep a cool head and be fully focused. I managed to catch up with the rest of the field and get to the second place, “said a satisfied Poschik.

However during the race there was an incident between Poschik and his teammate Richard Meixner. “From my point of view, I was next to him and he probably didn’t see me and turned into me. As for me, I think it was a racing incident, “said Poschik after the race.

The atmosphere in the team was certainly tense at the moment, but Poschik praises Carpek Service very much: “They are nice people and they work very well. Tomáš Pekař really helps me and just the fact that he started in Poznan with Clio IV, was a great benefit. I could compare myself directly to him. So I’m very happy with them, “Poschik concluded.