Tobias Poschik increased the lead in the Clio Cup

Tobias Poschik increased the lead in the Clio Cup

Tobias Poschik from the Carpek Service team won the opening race of the Clio Cup at the Grobnik circuit. He started the race from pole position alongside Szabolcs Lantos, behind them was Tomáš Pekař, who once again sat in the IV generation Clio. And it was Pekař who showed the absolute best start and took the lead while braking into the first corner. Lantos settled behind him in second place, however, Poschik successfully overtook Lantos on the back straight and followed Pekař.

The leader of the standings Poschik got ahead of Pekař in the second lap and gradually began to build a lead over his teammate.

Behind them there were battles for positions, especially between Henrik Seibel and Martin Fischer for fifth place. Seibel starting with a fifth-generation Clio, which is slightly slower than the previous generation, so Fischer got ahead after a few attempts. Immediately afterwards, Seibel was hit by Massimiliano Mora and parked his orange Clio in the escape zone. The car was standing dangerously next to the track and safety car was called.

Szabolcs Lantos got ahead of Pekař after the race restart, but he earned a two-second penalty from the stewards. Even Moro did not escape the attention of the stewards and received a thirty-second penalty for the incident with Seibel.

Tobiash Poschik has won first Clio Cup race at Grobnik. Tomáš Pekař finished second after Lantos was penalized, and it was Lantos who fell to third place. Local racer Valter Nežič finished fourth and Martin Fischer completed the top five. Poschik won ahead of Lantos and Jiří Zbožínek in Junior classification.

Clio V category was won by Dejan Robida in front of Ivan Mandić.

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