Third win at home for Jedlinski

Third win at home for Jedlinski

Also, the second Sprint race at Poznan ended in the best possible way for Marcin Jedlinski. The Polish driver won his home race, beating a GTC category winner Dennis Waszek and Piotr Wira. Meanwhile, Matěj Pavlíček took a victory in the GT4 class.

In the first Sprint on Saturday, Marcin Jedlinski took a dominant victory. Then, the Polish driver also won in the Endurance race, but this time he fought several issues including rain. He even went off the track, had two spins, had an accident and a drive-through penalty. In the end, it turned out that a damaged rim and suspension caused him all these issues. But on Sunday, it was the good old dominant Jedlinski again.

After starting from pole position, he did not give his competitors any chance at all, and he left his home track with another victory in his pocket. His 5th Sprint race win of the season, with David Vršecký being the only driver who managed to beat him – in the second race at Hungaroring.

But while Jedlinski was unstoppable in the lead, the battle for 2nd place was something else. First, it looked like Adam Rzepecki might take the podium, but later on, he lost the position to Piotr Wira and Dennis Waszek. After that, also these two drivers had a battle, that went better to Waszek. The Duck Racing driver then finished in 2nd place overall and took a victory in the GTC category. Wira had to settle for only 3rd place overall, but he still finished 2nd in the GT3 category. Rzepecki crossed the finish line in 4th place, but he was still on a GTC podium in 2nd position.

In the GT4 category, it was all about Matěj Pavlíček again as the RTR Projects driver remains a dominant force in the GT4 Sprint races, just like Jedlinski in the GT3 Sprint events. And he now has 5 victories out of 6 races so far this season.

Opening photo: Petr Frýba