The Clio Cup is an ideal place for beginners and a chance to enter the higher categories

The Clio Cup is an ideal place for beginners and a chance to enter the higher categories

“The Clio Cup has consolidated its position in the ESET Cup Series and is becoming an integral part of it,” says promoter Josef Křenek, who sees the Clio Cup as an ideal entry category for go-kart and novice drivers. Past years and the movement of drivers into higher categories is proof of that. In addition, this year’s Clio Cup champion will receive paid entry to TCR Eastern Europe for 2023.

“Many current TCR competitors come from the Clio Cup, it is an excellent school and a necessary preparation for further racing growth. However, even experienced drivers will find their place here, “ Křenek explains the diversity of the starting field.

The Clio Cup is an affordable series for everyone. The ratio of performance and operating costs of cars offers good quality for a reasonable price. The total cost of the race weekend is around 6000 euros – similar to go-karts.

This season, the participants and, last but not least, the spectators can expect a number of novelties. The fifth generation of the Clio Cup, which Renault Sport introduced last year, is also expected in the ESET Cup, resp. Clio Cup. “This is an ideal car for our region. It has a relatively low purchase price of 43,900 euros, low operating costs and reliability. This is exactly what is expected of good cup cars. The Clio Cup V cars certainly have a future, not only in our region, “says Josef Křenek and continues:

“In the Clio Cup, we have a new tire supplier – Michelin. The main reason for this change is the participation of some of our teams in the Clio Cup Europe, where Michelin tires are already in use. Unifying the supplier will thus make it easier for them to participate in both series. The price for the tire is similar to last year, and the number of prescribed marked tires does not change either, ”adds Křenek.

Despite the general increase in costs, the entry fee remains the same for the entire season. The price is 4000 euros when registering by February 28th, regardless of whether it is a Clio Cup IV or Clio Cup V.

Paid entry fee in TCR Eastern Europe 2023 for this year’s overall Clio Cup winner is also a novelty. But who will be, it is difficult to estimate before the season. Until the first race weekend starts, everyone can be a favourite.