The big battle for victory won by Michal Makeš

The big battle for victory won by Michal Makeš

The fourth start with Renault Clio and the fourth victory, that is the current failure-frees statistic of Michal Makeš, a newcomer to the Clio Cup competition. He repeated his victory in the first race at the Red Bull Ring on Saturday morning, this time after a hard struggle, though.

The first row of the starting field was occupied by the Polish pair of pilots Pawel Wysmyk and Karol Urbaniak, who both got into trouble in the course of the race. Wysmyk collided with Matthias Lodi in the first lap and even turned his Clio on the roof. The safety car had to assist on the track and a true battle for the victory could only begin after the race restart.

The front was occupied by a group of pilots fighting for each centimetre of the track. The first rank was defended by Michal Makeš, followed with just a couple of hundredths of a second loss by Jáchym Galáš, Sandro Soubek, René Kircher and Tomasz Magdziarz. The five pilots drove close to the speed limits with occasional exceeding them, which was unfortunate for Soubek, penalised for repeated track speed limit exceeding.

The penalisation narrowed the battle for the victory to four pilots. Michal Makeš managed to control the leading rank and achieve the fourth victory in the four races so far covered. The second rank belonged to another newcomer to the category, Jáchym Galáš, accompanied to the podium by the third-ranking René Kircher. Tomasz Magdziarz ranked fourth and the top five was closed by Makeš´ s teammate Petr Majer.

The Renault Clio Cup category III, like in the case of the first race, was won by Denis Wolf. The second rank belonged to Sebastian Kolakowski and another third rank was won by Lady Johanna Amann.

The Cruze Cup too had the same winner on Saturday. David Wassermann left his rivals far behind right after start and despite the safety car entering the track soon after, he instituted the race speed after its restart which Fabian Piwetz and Christoph Pflügler were no longer able to respond to.

Results of the race

Renault Clio Cup

  1. Michal Makeš – Mičánek Motorsport
  2. Jáchym Galáš – gt2 motorsport
  3. René Kircher – ADAC Hessen Thüringen Carpek

Renault Clio Cup III

  1. Denis Wolf – Racing Team Zäziwill
  2. Sebastian Kolakowski – Carpek Service
  3. Johanna Amann

Chevrolet Cruze Cup

  1. David Wassermann – Pfister Racing
  2. Fabian Piwetz – Pfister Racing
  3. Christoph Pflügler – Pfister Racing