The Battle of Juniors Strengthens, Skulj and Makeš Hold the Lead

The Battle of Juniors Strengthens, Skulj and Makeš Hold the Lead

Exactly 23 junior pilots have introduced themselves in the ESET V4 Cup series. After the three stages of this year´s edition the young pilots across the categories are dominated by Mark Skulj, closely followed by Michal Makeš.

The first four ranks in the score table are occupied by pilots of four different categories. Mark Skulj is participant to the Twingo Cup, Michal Makeš to the Clio Cup, Tom Beckhäuser drives a formula 3 and the fourth-ranking Robert Hefler starts in Formula Renault competition. However, Skulj and Makeš have departed from the rest of their junior group and prepare a big final duel for the victory. Skulj´s advantage over Makeš amounts to mere 1.2 point coefficient. Every score counts then. At Grobnik Makeš scored two victories, and Skulj received one gold and one silver medal.

A double victory was also achieved by Tom Beckhäuser, with the loss after Makeše amounting to 12.05 points, which is not a small amount to balance, but there are still two stages before the season ends, meaning four races. The battle for the third to eighth rank is very balanced and the achievements of these young pilots in the junior scoring will be interesting to follow, beginning from Beckhäuser via Hefler, Andrea Cola (F3), Jáchym Galáš (TCR) and Nik Stefancic (Twingo Cup) to the eighth-ranking Nicolas Száb (formula Renault).

At Grobnik the junior group was extended with three new pilots. The best score was achieved by Tomáš Korený in Twingo Cup. Tomáš is the older brother of Matěj Korený, a regular participant in this series. Tomáš turned his premiere start into the excellent third rank and his second sprint race ended with the eleventh rank. The second newcomer managed even better: Szymon Ladniak started in the Clio Cup and ended with the fourth, or third rank. The third newcomer was Roland Amrein of Hungary, a participant to ESET TCR with a white Alfa Romeo Giulietta. His very first start was marked by hard conditions for both races were held on wet road in heavy rain. His first score was eighth rank, and he unfortunately did not finish the second race.

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