Lantos´s winning streak at Slovakia Ring

Lantos´s winning streak at Slovakia Ring

Szabolcs Lantos started from pole-position alongside Tobias Poschik and it looked like the Austrian would take the lead, however Miha Primožič took the first position at the first corner ahead of Poschik, Lantos, Hulme and Pekař.

The difference between Primožič and Poschik was minimal, and at the end of the second lap, the leader of the standings moved into first place. Not long after that Lantos overtook Primožič and moved into second place, which meant for him that by maintaining this position he would delay Poschik’s title and maintain his theoretical hope for the title. But that was not enough for Lantos, his goal was victory.

Meanwhile, in fourth place overall, Tomáš Pekař with a fifth-generation Clio made a mistake and went off the track. In doing so, he handed over first place in the Clio V classification to home driver David Němček.

Poschik and Lantos drove as close as possible. Lantos kept putting pressure on Poschik, looking for an opportunity to overtake. Primožič, Hulm and Němček watched them from a distance. In the ninth lap, Lantos successfully passed Poschik, but their fight did not end there. The two contestants fought a fierce battle and until the last moments it was not entirely clear who would emerge as the winner of the duel. In the end, it was Lantos who won the second race at the Slovakia Ring and kept his hopes of winning the title.

Michael Hulm and Thomas Fischer finished behind Lantos and Poschik. Miha Primožič ended up fifth place ahead of David Němček, who won the Clio V category ahead of Ivan Mandić and Francesco Stefano.