Swiss motorsport team with 30 years of experience joins ACCR Czech Formula

Swiss motorsport team with 30 years of experience joins ACCR Czech Formula

A Swiss highly professional motorsport team with 30 years of experience is entering the ACCR Czech Formula. Jenzer Motorsport will participate with two formula 4 cars at Hungaroring with drivers Ethan Ischer and Reno Francot. “We are sure that the ACCR Czech Formula has its place in motorsport,” says Andreas Jenzer in the interview.

Why did you decide to join the ACCR Czech Formula?
By joining this championship, we can give a chance to our drivers who cannot afford a bigger program, such as the F4 Italian championship. In addition, the ACCR Czech Formula is taking place on attractive race circuits. There is space for a strong new championship.

Your drivers will be Ethan Ischer and Reno Francot. What can you tell us about the drivers? Ethan has been with you for the second year, starting in the German, Spanish, and Italian F4 championships last year. How do you rate him as a driver?
Ethan is a driver who does not have a big karting background. He started as a rookie last season and wishes to do a bigger program this year. He wants to learn as many race circuits as possible to prepare for a professional racing driver career.

What about Reno? He competed in karts until last year and is now making a big move to F4 open-wheel racing…
The decision to step up to single-seaters came very late, after very few test days and no winter test program. It will be a good start for him as a rookie in the ACCR Czech Formula.

Your team was founded in 1993, focusing only on open-wheel racing. What do you think about national F4 championships, and how important are they for young drivers?
We are proud to have taken part in single-seater racing for 30 years. F4 is a worldwide good concept for drivers stepping up from karting into single-seater racing. However, organizers and suppliers need to be careful about the cost explosion.

What do you think about the ACCR Czech Formula? There are a lot of F4 series in the West, but nothing serious in Eastern Europe.
We are sure that the ACCR Czech Formula has its place in the motorsport world and opens doors for teams and drivers from Eastern Europe to take part in professional motorsport.

Are you planning to do the whole season in the ACCR Czech Formula? And what are your expectations?
We are planning to take part in the complete season with two to three cars, and as always, we work to be successful.

What team achievements are you most proud of?
We are proud to be in single-seater motorsport as a fully independent team since 1993. Many of our former drivers are professional drivers now, and many of our former employees, mechanics, and engineers are working or have worked in the highest levels of motorsport.

Photo: Jenzer Motorsport