Clash of generations, Clio IV and Clio V will meet at Hungaroring

Clash of generations, Clio IV and Clio V will meet at Hungaroring

The Clio Cup is one of the most popular championships. It provides excellent training for novice drivers and is also a great place for experienced racers or gentleman drivers. Proof of this is the list of entrants to the opening round at Hungaroring.

The Clio Cup season kicks off on the second weekend of April at Hungaroring circuit, which is the traditional opening event of the season. Eleven Clio´s of two generations appear on the starting list, namely Clio IV and a slightly slower current version Clio V.

The proven fourth generation will have the largest representation in the field and three Clio IVs will be entered under the banner of the Carpek Racing team, which has dominated Clio Cup in recent years. The colours of the team will be represented with fourth generation of Clio by Richard Meixner, Libor Horák and Tobias Poschik, who is moving from go-kart racing to the big circuits for the first time and has said: “The first season will be all about learning, but at the end I want to finish in the top five.”

It should be noted that the fifth-generation Clio will be also entered by Carpek Racing. Henric Seibel will drive the first one and team boss Tomáš Pekař the other. Pekař is most experienced driver with Clio cars. It will therefore be interesting to see how Pekař will perform in the competition of older, but slightly faster Clio IV.

Another talented newcomer to the Clio Cup is Szabolcs Lantos. The Hungarian driver is going to represent NNR Team Hungary team, led by Norbert Nagy, who has high hopes for the young go-kart driver: “I’m sure he adapts in the car as fast as he did in Twingo, where he showed great results last year.”

Other competitors in the starting field include Miha Primozic (LEMA Racing), Ivan Gustin (AK Istra Racing Team Pazin) and Igor Tomljanovic (Becker Racing).

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