Starting list of formula 4 championship is filling up, next driver is Italian Tommaso Lovati

Starting list of formula 4 championship is filling up, next driver is Italian Tommaso Lovati

Italian racer Tommaso Lovati is going to participate in ACCR Formula 4 championship with Lema Racing Team this season. Lovati is no stranger to formula racing, his career beginnings dates back to the year 2017 with Renault Twingo.

“I got on board a Renault Twingo to do a few laps on the Grobnik track and immediately, there was a good feeling. I enjoyed it so much, that for the next two years I raced several times in the “rally on the circuit”, winning the junior category,” said Lovati

However Lovati wanted to move on and in 2020, there was a big step for him. “I decided to switch to the formula car in the Italian FX championship, where I immediately started to fight for the top positions, and, at the end of the year, I won the AM category and finish second overall. In 2021 I decided to move up to the higher category (FX3) with the PC015Y, where I also immediately demonstrated that I could win, but unfortunately over the time things did not go as they should have been and there was a break with the team,” continued Lovati.

It´s clear that Lovati knows how to be competitive and for this season, he is entering ACCR Formula 4 championship and is looking forward to compete on world famous track, that Italian F4 championship doesn´t have.

So we asked Lovati, what´s the difference between F4 car and formula car in FX Championship. “The differences in terms of the car compared to past years are enormous, starting with the engine (which has much more power), the carbon fiber body and, above all, the lateral forces generated by the car’s high level of downforce.”

Big unknown is lying in front of Lovati, so his goal for this year is to get to grips with the car as quickly as possible in order to be able to fight for the win as soon as possible,” said Italian driver to us.