Škulj wins ahead of Stefančič in a close finish

Škulj wins ahead of Stefančič in a close finish

Mark Škulj took another win with a Renault Twingo Cup car after a tight finish in the opening race of Twingo Cup series at Slovakia Ring. He managed to beat Niko Stefančič after a long battle.

As always, Renault Twingo Cup cars offer a fantastic show, full of close battling and great overtakes. And it was no different in the first race of the weekend at Slovakia Ring.

It all began already in the first lap, which brought Gašper Dernovšek, Jaka Marinsek and Niko Stefančič together to fight for the lead. However, Marinsek quickly dropped behind in the following laps.

But the three-way battle continued, as Mark Škulj soon joined Dernovšek and Stefančič. Škulj struggled in qualifying, starting only from 9th into the first race. Yet, he quickly managed to catch up with the leaders and then pull away together with Stefančič into the distance, as Dernovšek was left behind.

The Slovenian Duo fought hard until the finish line, but Mark Škulj was better in the end and won the race, making his championship lead even bigger. Stefančič finished 2nd and Dernovšek 3rd.

„It was a good race. I‘m here for the first time and I’m glad that I’ve managed to win. Especially with such tight battles as people were moving up and down all the time, but I managed to cross the line in the first place. I hope that I can repeat that result tomorrow,“ said Škulj after the race.

The Twingo Cup series is enjoying a special visit this weekend by three highly-experienced drivers – Petr Fulín, Samuel Sládečka and Mira Horňák. While Fulín and Sládečka did not manage to get into the Top 10, after finishing 16th, respectively 13th, Horňák showed a good pace and crossed the line in 9th place overall.