The fastest doctor Predrag Šainović:

The fastest doctor Predrag Šainović:

Serbian urologist and surgeon Predrag Šainović, living and working in Slovenia, shared the wheel of Mercedes AMG GT4 with Italian Luca Panizzi. They managed to clinch the endurance title in GT4 class with Lema Racing team.

How did you enjoy the season in the ESET Cup?
I have enjoyed very much, this was my first time competing in GT class, so expectations weren´t high, but I had a good team mate Luca Panizzi and also good team Lema Racing, so thank to all, because we managed to win the championship in our class.

Which race do you remember most from this season?
The ESET Cup has well-known tracks and I think my most remembered race happened at Slovakia Ring. My team mate Luca caught a coronavirus, so I had to race in one hour endurance all alone. It was very challenging and tough. I´m very proud, that I have finished and won the race.

You mentioned this season was your first time behind the wheel of GT car. Remind us which racing cars you used to drive.
I started with touring cars in Serbia and then I competed in ESET Cup with Renault Twingo, after that I continued with Renault Clio last year, then I started once with TCR car. After the last season I decided to try Mercedes AMG GT4 and I can say, it was right choice.

What about the next season? Will you stay in ESET Cup?
The main goal is to stay in ESET Cup and in GT4 class, so yes. But this time the plan is to compete in sprint races. However one driver approached me if I want to race with him in endurance, so we will see.