Tomáš Pekař won Clio Cup race, penalized Tobiash Poschik was second after a great chase

Tomáš Pekař won Clio Cup race, penalized Tobiash Poschik was second after a great chase

Tobiash Poschik, the leader of the Clio Cup IV standings, became the man of the race. After falling to the last place, the Austrian driver started a great chase and in the last lap he got to the second place behind dominant Tomáš Pekař.

Tobiash Poschik started from the first place alongside his teammate and boss Tomáš Pekař, who starts this time also with Clio IV and not V as usual. Miha Primožič and Szabolcz Lantos started behind them. Poschik started well, but it turned out that he had jump start and a drive through penalty was waiting for him. He picked it up in the third lap and Tomáš Pekař took the lead in the classification.

Miha Primočiž was second ahead of Lantos Szabolcs and Richard Meixner. However, Poschik soon caught up with the rest of the field. He first overtook Jiří Zbožínek and then wanted to overtake teammate Richard Meixner as quickly as possible. But there was contact between them, and as Poschik continued, Meixner retired.

In the meantime, a beautiful duel between Henrik Seibel and Jiří Zbožínek caught the eye of crowd in the standings. When the Czech driver finally managed to get in front of the German, he spun shortly afterwards.

The drama also took place at the top of the standings. Poschik caught up Szabolcs and overtook him without major problems. The points leader was clearly the fastest then his opponents, but time played against him. It was the last lap and the chances for overtaking second Miha Primožič were thinning. Poschik finally managed to overtake Primožič shortly before the finish and scored second place behind winner Tomáš Pekař. Primožič was third, Szabolcs fourth and fifth Jiří Zbožínek.

Henrik Seibel dominated the Clio V category.