Pekař wants to have fun at Grobnik

Pekař wants to have fun at Grobnik

The opening round of the season at Grobnik, Croatia, will see Tomáš Pekař returning to the Renault Clio Cup category. And he wants to mostly just enjoy his comeback.

In the past, the Carpek Service team and Tomáš Pekař belonged to the top of the Renault Clio Cup category. And this famous combination is coming back on the upcoming weekend at Grobnik, Croatia.

Pekař is an experienced racing driver, who has already tried many different tracks. However, he has never raced at the Grobnik circuit before. But he is preparing for this challenge.

“I’ve never raced at Grobnik before, it’s going to be my debut. I only had a chance to drive it on a simulator. That doesn’t happen to me very often, but I see it as a challenge. The track layout is interesting. I’m looking forward to it,” said the Czech driver.

Pekař also shared his ambitions for the first race of the 2020 season. While he obviously wants to achieve a good result, his main goal is to enjoy the racing.

“I hope to do well and to be in front. But I mostly want to race with fast drivers. I’m not doing this just to collect trophies, but to race. It doesn’t matter whether I finish 1st, 3rd or 5th, the most important thing for me is to fight with my competitors,” he said.

Pekař won’t be the only driver for the Carpek Service team at Grobnik. He is going to be joined by Richard Meixner. Apart from these two drivers, there will be also Zoran Poglajen, Miha Primožič or Levente Losonczy, who were the Renault Clio Cup favourites last year. But there will be also Aliyyah Koloc from Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing or brothers Tomasz and Adam Rzepecki, who will be racing for their family team BaSENHURT A&T.