Novice Tobias Poschik is looking forward to debut in Clio Cup

Novice Tobias Poschik is looking forward to debut in Clio Cup

Austrian youngster Tobias Poschik is entering bigger motorsport world. After years in kart racing, he will be seen behind the wheel of Renault Clio. Poschik is a new member of Czech team Carpek Racing and although first season for him will be all about learning, there is a serious aim to good finishes.

After years in karts, you are heading to big cars and big circuits. Are you excited?
Yes I am really excited and I´m really looking forward to it, especially with such a competitive team behind my back.

You already tested Clio Cup in Automotodrom Most. How did you like it?
I was welcomed really nicely and everything went well. The team did a really good job at our first test day. I already learned a lot and I´m looking forward to a great partnership! For sure the Clio was a lot different than a Kart but I prepared myself in the simulator so I got used to it really quickly and I really enjoyed it.

Was there anything, which surprised you behind the wheel?
To be honest due my preparation on the simulator I already had an Idea of how the car will feel. Although I did not expect the weight transfer under braking or in corners to be as much as it actually is.

What advices gave you team boss Tomáš Pekař before your first run?
He told me to warm up my rear tires really well before I start going for lap times as it is a FWD car. The track was really cold that day too which made all that not easy but at the end I managed to put in some good laps.

Clio Cup is really competitive championship, what are your expectations for your debut season?
The first season will mainly be a season of learning, nevertheless I am aiming for a top 5 finish at the end.

You will have to learn new circuits. I´m sure you are going to try them in simulators, but do you have another learning technique?
Yes I watch You Tube videos of the tracks and I do prepare myself on a simulator. But I usually learn tracks pretty quick so that should not be too much of an issue.

Tell us about your success in karts. What are your biggest achievements there?
My biggest achievements in karting are: the Austrian champion title (2017) and vice title (2016), P3 in the Central and Eastern European championship (2017),  a couple of Top 10 finishes at the European championship. Podium finishes and multiple top 5 finishes in the Central and Eastern European championship over the last couple of years.