Nik Štefančič defended his title in the Twingo Cup

Nik Štefančič defended his title in the Twingo Cup

The finale of this year’s Twingo Cup season offered dramatic moments until the last corner of the last lap. A close fight between two candidates for the title – Nik Štefančič and Matej Ivanuša, ultimately went in favour of Štefančič, who is the first driver in history to defend the Twingo Cup title.

Miha Fabijan and Matej Ivanuša started the second Twingo Cup race at the Slovakia Ring from the front row, followed by another twenty-two riders. Štefančič started from fourth place. When the numerous starting field came to the first corner, three drivers did not leave the place – Nicola Jančić, David Stušek and Anton Jus. The worst outcome had Jančić, who ended up on the roof with his Twingo.

The safety car had to go out and for several minutes he led the rest of the starting field at a slow pace while the track marshals cleaned up the consequences of the accident.

After the restart, a seven-member group formed in the lead, included title candidates Nik Štefančič and Matej Ivanuša. The standings in this group were constantly changing and any hesitation on the part of the two favourites could have fatal consequences for their outcome of the championship. The decisive moment then occurred before the last corner, when Štefančič pushed his way in front of Rok Cerar and won the key race of the entire season and became the Twingo Cup 2022 champion.

Rok Cerar finished in second place, Mihailo Mladenović finished third and Matej Ivanuša crossed the finish line in fourth place.