Newcomer Pavel Sovička claims the title

Newcomer Pavel Sovička claims the title

In his inaugural season of the ESET Cup, Pavel Sovička celebrated a championship victory in the GTX category. Throughout the season, Sovička, driving for the RTR projects team with a KTM GTX car, was still learning but had an excellent mentor in Petr Lisa, with whom he shared the KTM during endurance races.

Sovička has years of experience in motorsport but it was his first time participating in the ESET Cup. He consistently scored points in the races and finally achieved his first victory at the final event. This sealed his title in the GTX category, surpassing the points leader Alexander Ober with his Lamborghini. Ober, as well as the second-place contender Bernhard Löffler, did not start in Brno, thus Sovička solidified his unique season with a significant success.

Pavel, how did you perceive entering the ESET Cup at the beginning of the season?
It was a wild ride for me because at the start of the season, I was still getting my racing license, and then I jumped straight into a professional team. So, it was a big and very fast learning experience for me.

You previously competed in motorcycle racing and then participated in the Carbonia Cup with a Corvette and Lotus. How big of a leap was it for you to enter the ESET Cup and drive a KTM GTX car?
I had one season in Carbonia, which was good preparation. Many drivers currently in the ESET Cup went through the Carbonia Cup. However, the ESET Cup is at a higher level, perhaps two levels above, where you compete against more advanced drivers, with more professional equipment and higher speeds.

What led to your decision to join the ESET Cup?
I stumbled upon it by chance. I know Petr Lise, and he brought me into the RTR projects team. I am incredibly grateful to him for this opportunity.

In what ways did Petr help you develop your driving skills?
Without having Petr by my side, I wouldn’t have been able to further develop. Of course, everyone helped me, including team boss Tomáš Miniberger. After every practice, qualifying, or race, we sat down with the data and analyzed the precise steering wheel position, braking points, and so on. Without this preparation, I wouldn’t be able to accelerate. Perhaps I would have stagnated at the same level for three years without making any progress.

Which track suited you in this year’s calendar?
I really enjoyed the Red Bull Ring. I consider Most to be my home race because I often drive there. On the other hand, Brno doesn’t suit me very well. The turns are difficult to navigate, and the asphalt is in poor condition. I saw Oschersleben for the first time this year, and we had winter and wet conditions there. I must say that every weekend was great, and I enjoyed every moment.

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