Miro Konopka wins the qualifying session, Kriystian Korzeniowski is the fastest among GT cars

Miro Konopka wins the qualifying session, Kriystian Korzeniowski is the fastest among GT cars

Going off track during Saturday’s endurance race had no impact on the Ferrari 488 GT3. In the hands of Kriystian Korzeniowski, it was the fastest among the GT cars, and he will start the second sprint from the second row. Ahead of him, there will only be two LMP3 prototypes driven by Dana Skočdopole and local driver Miro Konopka, who will start from pole position.

Korzeniowski managed to outpace the competition by eight-tenths of a second. That’s how much Zdeno Mikuláško, the winner of Saturday’s sprint with a Lamborghini Huracan GT3, was behind. Just behind Mikuláško was Jesse Krohn with a BMW M4 GT3. We can look forward to an exciting race, and even if we don’t see a battle for the lead,we will definitely witness it for the second and third positions.

Libor Milota set the fourth fastest time among the GT cars with his Mercedes AMG GT3. Only 0.090 seconds behind him was Swiss driver Nicolas Leutwiler with a Porsche 911. Salaquarda still has a chance to become the champion of the ESET GT3 at Slovakia Ring. All he needs is for Libor Milota to finish second or worse, and in that case, Salaquarda would become the champion. If Milota were to win the second sprint, the decision would be made at the final event in Brno.

In the GTC category, Dennis Waszek delivered an impressive lap and beat Jáchym Galáš by 0.073 seconds, with Galáš´s teammate Matěj Pavlíček trailing by an additional 0.680 seconds.

A total of 32 drivers participated in due to the red flag prematuraly ended qualifying session, and just like on Saturday, we can expect a very hot summer day that will test not only the technology but also the physical fitness of the drivers. The second weekend sprint of the ESET GT starts at 14:10, and you can watch it on the livestream.