Miro Horňák, Samuel Sládečka and Petr Fulín to join Twingo Cup

Miro Horňák, Samuel Sládečka and Petr Fulín to join Twingo Cup

The ever-popular Twingo Cup series returns this weekend with an event at Slovakia Ring. And it looks like a very exciting weekend ahead as some of the most experienced drivers like Petr Fulín, Mira Horňák and Samuel Sládečka join the grid.

There will be 21 Renault Twingo cup cars in total, racing on this 5,922 metres long track. A Slovenian driver Mark Škulj, who won 4 out of 6 races so far, is the current championship leader but he can expect some tough opposition this time.

Who are these three drivers? Miro Horňák is a Slovak champion in karts and circuit racing, while Samuel Sládečka has vast experience with Lamborghini Huracan sports cars as a Super Trofeo series regular. And then there is also Petr Fulín, who will pose a huge threat for the Twingo Cup drivers as a three-time European Touring Car champion.

„It‘s definitely an interesting idea. I enjoy watching the Twingo Cup and even from the onboard videos it looks very enjoyable. It’ll be fun and that’s how I approach this show. Our main focus is on the TCR and the Endurance anyway,” said Petr Fulín.

Another interesting entry is an Italian Mini Challenge champion Paolo Silvestrini. It will be interesting to watch how these drivers are going to do against young and ambitious Twingo Cup regulars. But there are no doubts, that fans will have a lot of fun watching both races. The first Sprint race is scheduled for Saturday, 24th August at 15:10, while the second race is planned for Sunday at 15:15.