Milota aims to win or at least challenge competitors on his return

Milota aims to win or at least challenge competitors on his return

Libor Milota makes his return to our championship this weekend with a Mercedes-AMG GT3 of Autocentrum Bratislava. The Czech driver will be competing in the GT3 category, where he used to be one of the favourites in the past. And he still has the highest ambitions.

This weekend, you are making a return to our championship. You will be racing in a Mercedes-AMG GT3 as usual, for the Autocentrum Bratislava team alongside Rudolf Machánek. What are your ambitions for Sprint and Endurance races?

Ruda Machánek, his car, Autocentrum Bratislava and me are no rookies in the GT racing. I don’t want to sound too immodest, but of course, I have the highest ambitions to win. And even if we wouldn’t win, we want to at least challenge our competitors. Those are our expectations.

I’ve known Ruda Machánek for a while now. Last week, we were testing at Slovakiaring during the Histo Cup series. Ruda stopped by, we talked, and we’ve made a deal to try to help each other. I believe that I have something to offer to him and to help with the car, and vice versa. I think it can be interesting for both of us. I’ll do my best to make the team happy with me and to achieve a good result.

But the GT3 entry list also features Marcin Jedlinski from Olimp Racing or David Vršecký and Aliyyah Koloc from Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing, so it will not be easy. Do you expect these drivers to be your biggest competitors?

I’m trying to be humble and modest to every competitor. I agree with what you’ve said, but there are also other fast drivers like Gregor Zsigo or Petr Kačírek. For sure, there will be a big competition and that’s good.

However, Marcin Jedlinski from Olimp would be a good reference point. And the same about David Vršecký from Buggyra. So yeah, but I don’t choose my competitors and I’m respectful to every other driver on the grid.

What do you think about our championship and the GT3 category?

I think that the people working on it are doing a good job, especially when it comes to rules in the GT3 category. So, Josef Křenek, Gregor Zsigo and all the officials. I’m glad that there’s such an environment and that it’s a series where you can get decent races. It’s a solid championship with a certain level, so I’m looking forward to being back.

Libor Milota raced in our championship last time in Grobnik last year.

Are you planning to race at other events than Slovakiaring?

Let’s wait and see how this weekend goes. I’m completely focused only on that, and we’ll see, that’s going to be our reference point. I’m not against doing other races, I always enjoy racing. And it doesn’t matter if I race in my own car or somebody else’s. But I don’t want to promise anything right now. We’re focused on Slovakiaring.

Opening photo: Libor Milota