Matthias Lodi has moved to more powerful car and his aim is to be in TOP3

Matthias Lodi has moved to more powerful car and his aim is to be in TOP3

Matthias Lodi was dominant in Twingo Cup last year. He even showed up in Clio Cup at the end of the season and won one of the two races. Next logical step for this italian driver was fully move to Clio Cup.

You moved to Clio Cup for this season, what will be your biggest challenge this year?
For this year my biggest challenge will be for my sponsor to grant me the next sponsorship, sadly it is a critical period in our surrounding economy and this make things a bit more complicated; I guess I will be in a standby situation until the beginning of the season. If everything will go as planned and I will be able to complete the whole season, the drivers, I will race with, won’t be an easy challenge.

What are your goals for 2018 season?
My main goal is to compete at the highest level and always try to be within the main 3 ranks. Obviously, being a harsh category it will be hard but not impossible.

There is a new addition to the calendar – Automotodrom Grobnik circuit. Have you ever been there before? Or is it going to be your first time? And what do you think about the track?
I know Grobnik circuit very well even because it is at less than one hour from where I live. Actually they are repaving the circuit and modifying substantially all the curbs. This will radically change the time per lap. This circuit is quite fast and technical and it follows the shape of the landscape, this means there are a lot of up and down slopes. Sadly, the environment isn’t quite nice, it is rather ugly; it is a pity to see such a famous GP track left in this abandoned conditions. I strong be hope in a near future some investor will take actions to renovate the paddocks and the rest of the surroundings.

It is going to be a sixth season for ESET , what do you think about the series?
I entered the ESET competition world in 2013 and I noticed every year is more and more competitive and compelling. In every competition there are more and more cars and races are very competitive. Last but not least, it is for me a honour to race in this championship, and the interviews that are your making during the week end, are fantastic