Matej Ivanuša won the dramatic Twingo Cup race

Matej Ivanuša won the dramatic Twingo Cup race

The Twingo Cup played the role of the opening race of Sunday’s program at the Hungaroring. The starting grid was filled up to the exit of the last turn. A total of thirty-three cars entered the race and Matej Ivanuša became the winner.

Matej Ivanuša and reigning champion Nik Štefančič started from the front row. In the first lap, they exchanged first place, and a few laps later, a group of eight drivers formed in the lead – Ivanuša, Štefančič, Luka Glazer, Milan Vuković, Vladimír Trenesku, Miha Fabijan, Lika Grm and David Stušek.

As finish of the race was approaching, we could see increase of fierce battles. Unfortunately, Milan Vuković retired the damaged car in the half way of the race.

At the end of the race, a quartet led by Matej Ivanuša, Nik Štefančič, Luka Grm and Miha Fabijan was formed from the original leading eight.

The key moment happened in the last lap, when backmarker chose the most inopportune moment to let the leaders go through. The leader Nik Štefančič crashed into a slow-moving driver and fell to fourth place, while Matej Ivanuša was back in the lead.

Matej Ivanuša won the race ahead of Luka Grm, Miha Fabijan, Nik Štefančič. Mihailo Mladenović closed the top five. Debutant Martin Kadlečík, who earned a start for his success in the Czech Sim Racing virtual championship, finished in a solid 16th place and also third in Junior Trophy behind Nik Štefančič and Mihailo Mladenović.

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