Martin Kadlečík: from autocross to racing circuits

Martin Kadlečík: from autocross to racing circuits

Martin Kadlečík has rich experience in autocross and sim-racing, where he scored third place in Czech Simracing Series. The result opened the door for him to the real circuits through the Twingo Cup championship. Kadlečík doesn´t know yet if his career is heading into the direction of circuit racing. As he says, it will depend on this season results.

Martin, have you been in autocross for a long time, what made you try out circuit racing and the Twingo Cup?
Several factors contributed to this. One of them was the fact that I grew again during the winter and as a result, I´m to big for my autocross buggy. So we had two options – to buy a new buggy, which we didn’t want to do, because it would be very expensive, or to try something new. Since I have been interested in circuit racing for a long time, not only in real racing, but also in simulators, I wanted to try it. Mr. Křenek also has a significant share in this, and I would like to thank him for his support.

So you are going to race whole season? Does that mean you want to convert from autocross to circuits?
Yes, we have a whole season planned. It’s more about getting used to circuits and generally racing on asphalt, which I’m not used to it. The complete transition from autocross to circuits is not yet certain, it will depend on how well the season would go.

You debuted at the Hungaroring, what do you expect from the race weekend at the Red Bull Ring?
We had problems with the performance of the car at the Hungaroring, so I hope that we will be able to solve the problems and move a few positions higher at the Red Bull Ring, but it’s a new track for me, so I don’t set exaggerated goals.

Why did you choose Twingo Cup anyway?
The main reason is that the Twingo Cup is probably the friendliest circuit racing in terms of finances. There are also nice fights with a large number of cars on the track. It is also about gaining experience.

Let’s go to the autocross. How long have you been racing there and what were your greatest achievements?
I have been running autocross since 2011, so I have been doing it for 11 seasons so far. I consider my Central European Champion titles to be my greatest achievements, but I also highly value all the titles of the national championships in Czech Republic.

You are also active on sim-racing. What successes have you achieved there?
I consider simulators to be my hobby and I think it helps me a lot in real racing. I consider the 3rd place in the Czech Simracing Series on the Assetto Corsa simulator to be my best success so far, but also 1st place in the Logitech Mclaren G Challenge CZ on the Assetto Corsa Competizione simulator.

foto: Martin Kadlečík archiv