Marcin Jedlinski won the second GT sprint

Marcin Jedlinski won the second GT sprint

Marcin Jedlinski did not take part in Saturday’s race, however in Sunday´s race, he dominated from start to finish with his Mercedes AMG GT3.

Miro Konopko started with the LMP2 Ligier from the first place and as the only driver from the prototype category, he had an easy way to the overall win. Marcin Jedlinski started by his side, but lost his position in the first corner when Dennis Waszek and Lamborghini Supertrofeo of the GTC category got in front of him. But Jedlinski worked his way back to the front in the first lap and kept his position until the finish.

Waszek from the GT2 Motorsport team couldn´t keep István Bóta behind his back and Bóta with another Mercedes AMG GT3 passed the yellow Lamborghini. It seemed that Bóta would finish second in the GT3 category, however, he retired in the middle of the race due to the technical problems, so Gregor Zsigo moved up to second place. Although Zsigo qualified with the new BMW M4 GT3, he asked the race control to start with the older BMW M6 GT3, in which we could see him in recent years. The race control allowed him to change the cars, but Zsigo had to start from the last position. As it turned out, it was not a significant problem for the Slovak racer and after the start he gradually worked his way forward. Stanislaw Jedlinski with the Audi R8 took third place in the GT3, followed by Petr Kačírek, also with the Audi R8, and János Sánta with Aston Martin Vantage.

Dennis Waszek was first in the GTC category and comfortably won also the second race of the weekend. Adam Rzepecki finished behind him with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. They were joined on the podium by Kurt Wagner with the Lamborghini Supertrofeo from the Mičánek Motorsport team.

In the GT4 category, Josef Knopp won with the KTM GT4 from RTR Project team. The young racer continued in the winning streak, which he started in Saturday’s endurance race together with Matěj Pavlíček. “I´m at the Hungaroring for the first time and I’m enjoying every moment. The track is great, the car drove well, although sometimes it is difficult to compete with more robust GT4 cars, ” said the winner Knopp. He was followed by second Radomir Djurić with the KTM X-Bow of the AMKK Verba Sport team. Third place went to debutant Petr Švantner with the BMW M4 GT4 of the Šenkýř Motorsport team

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