Lukáš Uxa returns to the Clio Cup. He wants to have fun

Lukáš Uxa returns to the Clio Cup. He wants to have fun

Lukáš Uxa first appeared in the Clio Cup in 2012 and although he has not been seen on the race track in recent years, after his partial return last year, he decided to compete in the Clio Cup this year as well. Above all, he wants to enjoy racing.

Last year, after a long pause, you returned to the Clio Cup and completed the last two events. What are your plans for this season?
I mainly want to have fun. The time when I had a racing team, two mechanics, a team boss, the best cook in the paddock, a caravan and a big truck as a background is gone. So I’m going to drive a fun model with the fourth generation of Clio. I pull the car on my own, change the wheels myself, do the basic service and then I will hope that nothing goes wrong. And I must not crash.

How many races do you plan?
I would like to take a part in three or four races, no more. I have two little boys, so I might take them to Brno.

To which circuit are you looking forward to?. Which one suits you?
I’m looking forward to Red Bull, it’s a beautiful track with great facilities. I remember the year 2015, when it rained a lot during our race and I was able to overtake even significantly stronger cars. It was a wonderful race. We are not going to race at Most and it is a pity, I have driven there and I know the track.

You have years of experience with Clio Cup. How do you evaluate the development of technology and the racing itself?
I entered the Central Europe Clio Cup as a driver without any previous experience, at an age when racing is no longer started. However, I fulfilled my childhood dream. From the point of technology view, the Clio III is like a small go-kart, a mechanical machine and it suited me best. The Clio IV I have now is softer and a little more powerful. I like the Clio V only in terms of design, but downsizing engines, lower power, slower driving is nothing that appeals to me. I will definitely not buy that.

What do you think makes the Clio Cup so exceptional that you keep coming back?
Exceptional? That’s probably not accurate, it’s affordable racing with identical cars. So if I get two seconds on between me and fastest driver, the issue is somewhere between the steering wheel and the seat, nowhere else. And why am I coming back? I enjoy it. And I can afford this category.