Libor Milota got his second win of the season

Libor Milota got his second win of the season

The first ESET GT race on the Grobnik circuit took place an hour and a half after noon, when the thermometers showed 37°C. The roasting heat was a tough test for any driver in closed sports cars. In the end Libor Milota managed the conditions and achieved his second victory of the season.

Gregor Zsigo with BMW M4 GT3 started from pole-position alongside Libor Milota in a Mercedes AMG GT3. Piotr Wira with another Mercedes and Christian Wimberger with a GTX category Lamborghini Huracan lined up behind them at the start.

Zsigo kept the lead in the first corner, Milota cautiously tried to move forward, but preferred to wait for a better opportunity. It came a few hundred meters later and Milota overtook Zsigo at the exit of the turn in the back of the circuit. Zsigo drove off the track and had to continue on the grass for a few meters, so he fell to third place behind Piotr Wira.

However, passing Wira wasn´t hard for Zsigo and soon he moved into the second place behind the leader Milota. The red-and-white Mercedes settled in the lead and Milota gained a slight lead with each lap and achieved his second victory this season. Zsigo finished behind him and Wira finished third in the GT3 classification.

In the GT4 category, Sandi Jeram won with a Porsche Cayman GT4 ahead of Franjo Kováč, who replaced the Renault Mégane TCR with a Mercedes AMG GT4. Alexander Ober finished third with a Porsche Cayman GT4.

Adam Rzepecki received the winning trophy in the GTC category. The Polish racer was clearly the fastest in his Porsche and left his competition far behind. Petr Brecka finished second and Igor Klaja finished third, both also with Porsche.

Christian Wimberger won the GTX category with a Lamborghini Huracán GT3. Above all, he fought with Piotr Wira for the overall third place in the race. However, he was unable to find the way for overtaking the Polish competitor. Ralf Ott finished second in the GTX category with a KTM GTX.

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