Jedlinski extends his gap in GT3 Endurance series

Jedlinski extends his gap in GT3 Endurance series

Marcin Jedlinski has strengthened his position in the lead of the GT3 Endurance championship standings. After a victory at Poznan, Poland, he is now 12 points ahead. However, it is still too early to rule out drivers like Dennis Waszek with Gregor Zsigo or Stanislaw Jedlinski.

The race at Poznan did not change a thing about Marcin Jedlinski being unbeatable in the GT3 Endurance series. The Olimp Racing driver took his 3rd win of the season, this time in front of his home crowd, and he has now extended his championship lead to 12 points.

While Jedlinski has been a dominant force at the beginning of the season, the second half of the GT3 Endurance season still has lots to offer. The race weekend in Poznan has shown that even Jedlinski can face difficulties. Despite his victory, it was more of a nightmare than a good race – he struggled with a damaged suspension and rim, he left the track several times, spun out twice, collided with another car and even got a drive-through penalty.

The Trevor Racing team with Gregor Zsigo and Dennis Waszek almost managed to utilise that situation, and for a long time, it looked like they were heading for a victory. However, later on, their BMW spun out as well and, in the end, Zsigo and Waszek had to settle for only 2nd place, just like at Slovakiaring. But both drivers have shown that they are more than capable of challenging Jedlinski. Zsigo is currently 2nd in the championship with 25.5 points, while Waszek, who did not race with Zsigo at Hungaroring, currently holds 3rd position with 18 points.

Gregor Zsigo and Dennis Waszek showed potential to fight with Jedlinski in Poznan. Photo: Petr Frýba

But there are still other drivers who are in the championship battle. Like Stanislaw Jedlinski, father and a teammate of the current leader Marcin Jedlinski. He is now 4th in the standings with 12 points.

The championship will continue on a weekend July 23-25 in Grobnik, Croatia.

Opening photo: Petr Frýba