James Egozi remains unbeaten at Red Bull Ring

James Egozi remains unbeaten at Red Bull Ring

James Egozi from the PHM Racing team left no doubt about his role as the favorite to win in the second race of ACCR Czech Formula at Red Bull Ring. The young driver started from pole position and stayed in the lead from start to finish.

The starting order was determined by the results of Saturday’s race, with the PHM Racing team taking the front row with Saturday’s winner James Egozi and Nandhavude Bhirombhakdi. Reno Francot and Michael Sauter started from the second row. The third row belonged to the Jenzer Motorsport teammates Ethan Ischer and Mathiasi Bjerre Jakobsen. The Renauer Motorsport teammates Niko Tylor and Jiří Šafránek occupied the fourth row, while Oliver Michl and Miroslav Mikeš started from the fifth row.

Egozi held onto the lead, while Bhirombhakdi and Sauter fought for second place. There was a slight contact between the two drivers in the fourth corner. Sauter went off track and into the gravel trap, and the exact same scenario played out just behind them between Ischer and Jakobsen. Ischer and Sauter then collided in the gravel trap, ending their races.

The safety car came out on track, and the race order was Egozi, Bhirombhakakdi, Francot, Jakobsen, Tylor, Michl, Šafránek, and Mikeš.

After three laps, the race restarted, and Egozi immediately began to pull away from his pursuers. Bhirombhakdi successfully defended his position against Francot’s attack. However, a lap later, Francot’s maneuver in the fourth corner was successful, and he moved up to second place.

The order at the front remained unchanged until the end of the race. Egozi achieved his second victory, with Francot coming in second and Bhirombhakdi in third. However, after the race, Bhirombhakdi received a thirty-second penalty and dropped to seventh place due to an incident with Sauter. As a result, Jakobsen finished third, followed by Oliver Michl in fourth after an exciting battle with Nik Taylor who finished fifth. Jiří Šafránek took sixth place, while Miroslav Mikeš finished eighth.