Igor Tomljanović is expecting result´s improvement in Clio Cup

Igor Tomljanović is expecting result´s improvement in Clio Cup

Igor Tomljanović is heading back to Clio Cup with his fourth generation of Clio. Croatian driver has been in this series since 2020 and is enjoying every moment of it. He finished second in Gentleman´s class last year and this season he is looking for another improvement.

Igor, how are you looking forward to the new season?
The winter break is almost over and I’m really looking forward to the start of the competition. This year I will drive the Clio IV again.

Do you have any goals or do you want to enjoy the season first and foremost?
I want to have fun and I´ll try to achieve podium finish this year. I had solid results in the Gentleman class last year, so this year I expect to improve in both the Gentleman and Trophy class.

How big is your team, how many people take care of the car?
Until last year, my team included my father and a mechanic. This year, we agreed on cooperation and assistance with the Dubreta racing team, which will take care of two TCR cars and our Clio.

If I’m not mistaken, you’ve been driving the Clio Cup since 2020. How do you like the series? Have you considered switching to something faster or do you want to stay with the Clio?
Yes, I have been in the Clio Cup since 2020 and I am very satisfied with the choice of tracks and the organization of the series. Several top drivers like Tomas Pekar have grown through the Clio Cup in these few years and it is a real pleasure to compete with them. I’m not thinking about switching to another series right now.

What is your racing history? When did you start, what did you start with and what achievements are you most proud of?
My beginnings go back to 1986 and go kart racing. In the 1990s, due to the war in my region and finances, I took a break and resumed my career only in 2000 in auto slalom. I started racing on the circuits in 2018. First Twingo Cup, then Fabia Cup and finally Clio Cup. My best results are 3rd place in the Croatian Championship in 2021 and 2022.