Highly popular Twingo Cup to offer an exciting show

Highly popular Twingo Cup to offer an exciting show

There are not many series that are so popular amongst drivers and fans. Twingo Cup is one of them and it promises another exciting season in 2019. Twenty drivers will go wheel-to-wheel in small Renault cars on some well-known race tracks. And it is more than likely that the champion will not be crowned until the last race of the season.

In theatre, they say that there are no small parts, only small actors and these words also perfectly fit for the Twingo Cup. As usual, cup racing is known for providing lots of excitement, ferocious racing and overtaking in every corner and Renault cars are no different.

Renault Twingo is three and a half metre long, it does not have much power and it can take maybe only a medium-sized shopping. However, if you take away all the unnecessary accessories, add a roll cage, lower the ride height and fit slick tyres, this small car suddenly turns into a proper racing beast. And if you have twenty of them, the fun starts. Drivers fight for every centimetre of the track, attack every apex of every corner, fight wheel-to-wheel and use all the grip available.

What makes the Twingo Cup truly different is a fact, that all the cars are the same. Nobody has an advantage of a more effective suspension, a faster engine or better tyres. Technical regulations are in place to make sure, that only up to a driver’s talent and a bit of luck. Thanks to that, the battle for the win usually lasts until the last metres and the difference between the first and second is not more than just a few thousands of a second.

This season will see some familiar faces returning to the grid, drivers like Tom Gruenfeld, Jaka Marinšek, Gašper Dernovšek or Matěj Korený. But some others have made another step forward in their careers and their place will be taken by rookies. And they will get their first opportunity to prove themselves this weekend at Hungaroring, Hungary.

List of Twingo Cup drivers
Sandi Jeram   
A. Tom Gruenfeld   
Mark Mramor   
Grega Gradišek   
Mihajlo Milenković   
Predrag Šainović   
Nik Štefančič   
Mark Škulj   
Andrea Benini   
Luka Glazer   
Matevž Habjan   
Jaka Marinšek   
Matej Ivanuša   
Anej Šuligoj   
Marko Šibic   
Gašper Dernovšek   
Matěj Korený   
Ivan Gustin