Grobnik lures on improved facilities

Grobnik lures on improved facilities

Although the ESET V4 Cup series will visit a Grobnik circuit for only the 2nd time in 2019, the place itself was built back in 1978. And now, after 40 years, the circuit underwent a major reconstruction and new asphalt was laid down. The local organisers do everything they can to keep drivers coming back.

Once again, the ESET V4 Cup drivers will be fighting for points at Grobnik circuit this year. It should be a bigger event then year before, shouldn´t it?

Yes, this year the race will be valid for CEZ championship, CEZ Endurance championship, ESET V4 Cup, and national championship of Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and also for Renault Twingo Cup.

All the drivers were really excited about the circuit last year, but the paddock area was not as good. Is there going to be anything different?

At this moment there are a lot of changes on the Grobnik Circuit. Last year it was new asphalt. Just now people from the circuit give big effort to finish the work on new offices for jury, time keeping and race control on the first floor. Immediatelly after the work on offices are finished, they will start on refurnishing ground floor of the building to prepare additional 12 boxes. The work on new boxes should finish on time for CEZ and ESET V4 Cup race late July.

All races at Grobnik circuit should be broadcasted live. What can you tell us about that?

In this moment we have confirmation for TV broadcast from HTV (Croatian national television) and we are still waiting for confirmation from two european sport TV stations for live broadcast…