Gregor Zsigo wins for the first time this year and straight away on home soil

Gregor Zsigo wins for the first time this year and straight away on home soil

The start of the first race of GT cars and sports prototypes was dominated by the LMP3 prototype with Maťo Konopka, who beats his father Miro Konopka with a faster LMP2 car. However important was, what was happening within ESET GT behind them. Dennis Waszek overtook Libor Milota at the red lights to take the GT lead.

Waszek with a Lamborghini and Milota with a Mercedes set the pace of the race ahead of Gregor Zsigo with a BMW and Piotr Wira with a Mercedes. The race was relative calm in the first laps, but in the sixth lap the safety car came onto the track due to a door from Dennis’s Lamborghini lying on the starting straight. The dangerous object lay in the racing line and Petr Kačírek with Audi did not have time to react to the obstacle on the track and the door shattered into hundreds of pieces. The safety car came onto the track and the marshals cleaned up the dirt on the track.

Because Waszek lost a piece of his car, Lamborghini was unable to perform at 100% and after the restart. Gregor Zsigo used this opportunity and after he previously gotten ahead of Milota, he also defeated Waszek. Local driver Zsigo thus took the lead in the ESET GT and GT3 classifications.

The order at the front did not change until the finish and Zsigo achieved his first triumph of the season in the sprint race and GT3 class. Libor Milota was classified behind him and Stanislaw Jedlinski finished third with Ferrari.

Despite missing doors and broken aerodynamics, Waszek took victory in the GTC category ahead of Clemens Stadler with Lamborghini and Petr Brecka with Porsche.

In the GTX category, Artur Chwist won with a KTM GT2 ahead of Ralf Ott with a KTM GTX and Christian Wimmberger with a Lamborghini Huracan GT3.

Maťo Konopka triumphed in front of the home crowd in the D5 category. Second was Miro Konopka and third was Holger Baumgartner with KTM X-Box.