Great future on the horizont, says Milovan Vesnič about ESET TCR

Great future on the horizont, says Milovan Vesnič about ESET TCR

Team ASK Vesnic with leader Milovan Vesnič is going to participate in the ESET TCR with two cars and team will take care of third car for Rudi Pešovič. Starting list is growing and Vesnič is sure, that ESET TCR category is going to have great future.

There is a new beggining of ESET TCR in the 2019 season. What does it mean for you and your team?

Few days ago we have meeting with mr. Krenek and organisers of ESET Cup. Everything about we talk in the end of season 2018 now is precise. Finaly TCR class will drive separatly from other cars, we will follow BoP, drive same tires and fuel. That is good, plus arangment with Eurosport what mean a lot to sponsors and fans in Serbia. I think that will be good base for future. Series will be not to expensive, on tracks close to the teams from eastern Europe and I hope a lot of drivers and teams will see that as advantage.

So what are you plans for the season? Are you going to take part in the all ESET TCR races?

Our Vesnic Racing Team together with GM racing team of Rudi Pesovic will race I hope on all five racing weekends. With me in Seat Cupra in ASK Vesnic team will drive Polish driver and our big friend Jakub Wyszomirsky with his Honda. Also after one year on race track we will see Rudi Pesovic. He will drive for his GM racing team but my guys and me will prepare the car.

Which car are you going to race with?

This season I will drive Cupra again. We are now in process of complete reparation of the car. New engine, new gearbox. Car will be like new so I hope still competitive. We still waiting for BoP, so we will see.

What competition are you expecting? Is it going to be hard to defend your success from last season?

Every new season is new challenge and we have only one goal. To stay on top. It will be hard, as I see lot of new drivers will come to series. Thats good and give us motive to work harder and drive faster.

I guess we can say you have enough experience with TCR car. What do you think might be the biggest challenge for the newcommer, for a drivere who have never driven the type of car?

After driving Supertouring and S2000 technic, TCR is not to hard to drive for me. But newcomers for sure must be prepared for some time spending on adaptation. Every car have that little difference and you as driver must spend time driving it to get that feeling. But at the end TCR cars are fast, but friendly. Not like cars from past eras.

There are quite different circuits in the calendar. Fast, slow, smooth, rough… What kind of circuit suits TCR best. What about you? Which type of circuits do you like?

There is lot of brends today in TCR class. And some track are good for Audi, some for Honda, some for Seat. Personaly I like fast tracks with some technical parts like Slovakiaring. Seat is somewhere in the middle. With good setup you can be good on fast and slow tracks too