Filip Salaquarda Remains Unbeaten in Endurance

Filip Salaquarda Remains Unbeaten in Endurance

The I.S.R. team remains undefeated. Filip Salaquarda, with his Audi R8 LMS GT3, has achieved his fourth consecutive victory and, for now, has found no rival in endurance.

Miro Konopka had the best start and initially led the race ahead of Filip Salaquarda. However, the Czech racer did not wait for long and took back the lead on the furthest part of the track. The first chicane was again too tight for some drivers, and Kurt Wagner, with his Lamborghini Super Trofeo, spun Petr Lisa’s KTM GTX of RTR projects in the opposite direction.

Libor Milota began to attack Konopka, who was driving very fast laps, and Milota couldn’t find a way to overtake. In the meantime, Kurt Wagner received a ten-second penalty for an incident in the first corner.

Behind the still-fighting Konopka and Milota, Gregor Zsigo was driving with a gap, to be replaced by Štefan Rosina during pit stops. In the overall fifth place, Václav Janík, with his KTM GTX, held the lead in the GTX category.

Midway through the race, the pit stop window opened, which was an opportunity for Milota to overtake Konopka, who was the first to pit. Milota tried to turn the order in his favour, but the strategy did not work and he left the pit a few seconds behind Konopka.

Meanwhile, a light rain began to fall on the circuit, which had been threatening all day, but only started during the endurance race. The drivers slowed down, but continued to hold their positions. Salaquarda comfortably dominated the race, followed by Miro Konopka from ARC Bratislava team, and third place went to Libor Milota from GT2 Motorsport. Fourth place was held by the team of Zsigo-Rosina with their BMW M4 GT3 from Racing Trevor, and fifth was Daniel Skalický with his Audi R8 LMS ultra.

The crew Václav Janík and Petr Majer finished in the overall fifth place with a KTM GTX. The duo also won in the GTX category, ahead of Petr Lisa and Pavel Sovička, who were also driving a KTM GTX.

In the GTC category, despite a ten-second penalty after an incident in the first corner, Kurt Wagner and Josef Záruba celebrated victory with their Lamborghini Super Trofeo. Trophy for second place went to Petr Brecka and Karel Neffe with their Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

The duel of TCR cars was won by Bartosz Groszek and Radim Adámek with their Audi RS3 TCR, as they beat Andreas Kohlert’s Cupra. In the GT4 category, Antal Zsigo won with his BMW M4 GT4, and Maxwell Polzler with his KTM X-Bow R won in the D5 classification.

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