Filip Salaquarda leaves Hungaroring unbeaten

Filip Salaquarda leaves Hungaroring unbeaten

Filip Salaquarda from the I.S.R. team had a 100% successful weekend at Hungaroring. After Saturday’s victories in the first sprint and the endurance race, he added another win in the second sprint and takes home the maximum number of trophies from Hungary.

Salaquarda started from the first row with his Audi R8, alongside Miro Konopka in the LMP3 prototype. Behind them on the grid were Libor Milota in a Mercedes and Jáchym Galáš in a Lamborghini in the GTC category. Gregor Zsigo was absent from the start due to his BMW being unable to be repaired following Saturday’s accident in the endurance race.

After the lights went out, Salaquarda held onto the first position ahead of Konopka and Milota. A battle for the lead in the GTC category between three Lamborghini cars was taking place behind them. Jáchym Galáš and Matěj Pavlíček tried to keep Dennis Waszek behind them, but the GT2 Motorsport team driver managed to wedge himself between the cars of the Mičánek Motorsport team.

Salaquarda immediately began to distance himself from his pursuers, and the gaps on the rest of the grid began to stretch out as well. Pavlíček, on the other hand, began to push Waszek, looking for any opportunity to overtake. While overtaking lapped cars, Waszek closed in on Galáš and began a new battle, this time for victory in the GTC category. However, a few laps later, Pavlíček was right behind Waszek, who couldn’t keep up with the leading Galáš and instead defended his position. Pavlíček eventually overtook Waszek and immediately began to chase his teammate Galáš, whom he tried to overtake in the last corner of the last lap, but the finish line was too close.

Filip Salaquarda from the I.S.R. Racing team was delighted to achieve another victory this season. Libor Milota finished second in the GT3 category, and Piotr Wira finished third. Petr Kačírek with Audi was classified fourth. Jáchym Galáš won the GTC category, 0.110 seconds ahead of Pavlíček. Dennis Waszek finished third, Franz Lahmer fourth, and the top five was completed by Petr Brecka – both driving a Porsche 911.

Zénó Kovács from the Racing Trevor team took another victory in the GT4 category with his BMW M4 GT4. His teammate Antal Zsigo finished second.

Alexander Ober won the GTX category with his Lamborghini Huracan. Pavel Sovička finished second in the KTM GTX, and Ivan Vlachov finished third with the Bulgarian sports car Sin Car R1. Daniel Lemmerhoffer from the Wimmer Werk Motorsport team won the TCX category ahead of Nemanja Milanovic and Greg Simunovic.