Filip Salaquarda finishes endurance season with fifth victory

Filip Salaquarda finishes endurance season with fifth victory

Filip Salaquarda from the I.S.R. team delivered a dominant performance and achieved his fifth endurance victory. Not even the red flags, which were waved after the second lap due to a collision between two cars, could stop him on his journey to victory.

The race started without complications, and Miro Konopka maintained the lead with his LMP3 prototype. Behind him, Filip Salaquarda with his Audi and Libor Milota with his Mercedes lined up. However, at the end of the second lap, there was an accident between Petr Lisa and Kurt Wagner in the final corner. Wagner’s Lamborghini flipped over and landed back on its wheels. Petr Lisa stopped a short distance away with his damaged KTM, and the safety car had to be deployed. Shortly afterward, the red flags were raised.

After the restart, Max Hesse with BMW put pressure on Libor Milota. Hesse is a factory driver for BMW Motorsport and is guesting for Racing Trevor in the season’s final event. However, Hesse couldn’t find a way to overtake and spent several laps closely behind the rear bumper of the red-and-white Mercedes. Milota eventually made a pit stop and paradoxically returned to the track just ahead of Hesse, defending his position despite being a lap behind. Hesse also eventually pitted, and Gregor Zsigo took over behind the wheel.

Miro Konopka crossed the finish line in first place under the checkered flag with his yellow prototype. In the GT3 classification, Filip Salaquarda emerged as the winner ahead of Libor Milota and the duo of Max Hesse and Gregor Zsigo.

Václav Janík delivered an excellent performance with the KTM GTX, winning the GTX classification and finishing fourth overall. Janík also became the champion in this category, surpassing the Lisa-Sovička crew, who retired early in the race. The anticipated title battle did not materialize. Antonín Herbeck finished second with the Pagani Zonda, and János Sánta came third with Aston Martin.

The battle for the GTC title had a similar outcome. Current leader Petr Brecka did not participate in the race, opening an opportunity for Kurt Wagner and Josef Záruba. However, the duo failed to finish the race due to an accident, allowing Brecka to retain his position at the top and secure the title despite his absence. Franz Lahmer claimed victory in the race ahead of Bob Bau and Richard Woschitz, all driving Porsche GTC cars.

Antal Zsigo emerged as the winner in the GT4 category, both in the race and in the championship.