ESET TCR Awaiting Premiere at Grobnik

ESET TCR Awaiting Premiere at Grobnik

The ESET TCR championship will continue with its third stage on 26 – 28 July. The passenger cars of the TCR class will for the first time arrive at the Croatian circuit at Grobnik near the harbour town of Rijeka.

After the first four races at Hungaroring and Red Bull Ring the interim leader is Milovan Vesnic in Seat Cupra TCR, but the starting field is more and more levelled race by race and new rivals emerge to challenge the Serbian pilot. Grobnik will welcome more of them than ever before.

Grobnik will feature the long awaited Hungarian team called Unicorse with Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2017, piloted in the races by Roland Amrein. His conduct among pilots racing since the beginning of the season or debuting in the previous racing weekend at Red Bull Ring will be interesting to follow. The debuts at the Austrian circuit for example included Tomáš Pekař (in Renault Megane) and Dušan Kouřil (in Hyundai i30). These two young pilots, including Jáchym Galáš in VW Golf, performed a beautiful show at Red Bull Ring and can be expected to use their art of combat drive at the quick and narrow Croatian circuit too.

Franjo Kováč will be the team mate of Tomáš Pekař again. In Austria he faced technical issues and could not start for either of the two sprint races. The same happened to Radim Adámek, who only participated in the first race. Both of them will thus strive to bring much better results from Croatia.

Milovan Vesnic is thus the leader of ESET TCR with the advantage of ten score points before his team mate Jakub Wyszomirski and his Honda Civic. The third rank belongs to Petr Čížek in Seat Cupra of Fullinrace Academy, thanks to his stable performance. The starting filed will further include his team mate Carol Wittke or Rudi Pesovic in Audi RS3 LMS.

The stake for the local fans will be the domestic pilot Zharko Knego of Auto Club Dubrovnik in Seat Cupra TCR. For an interview with Knego see HERE