Ernst Kirchmayer and Philipp Baron won the Endurance race

Ernst Kirchmayer and Philipp Baron won the Endurance race

Ernst Kirchmayer and Philipp Baron won an endurance race at the Red Bull Ring with Ferrari 488 GT3. They already won qualification, then they set the fastest lap in the race and deservedly won.

A total of 42 cars started the race, combining field from ESET Cup and P9 Endurance race. However, the ESET Cup race cars had a clear numerical advantage and thanks to the relatively short track, the drivers did not have many opportunities to breathe for a while and concentrate. They always had to share the track and corners with others competitors.

Ernst Kirchmayer and Philipp Baron completed many overtaking manoeuvres and controlled the race within GT3 class. The duo from the Baron Motorsport team finished the race behind the safety car, who went to the track just a couple of minutes before the end because of a sudden downpour.

Team mates Gregor Zsigo – Dennis Waszek finished second with the BMW M4 and Libor Milota with the Mercedes AMG GT3 took third place. Piotr Wira finished fourth with the Mercedes AMG GT3.

The GT4 category was won by the Italian-Slovenian duo Luca Panizzi – Predrag Šainović with a Mercedes AMG GT4. The battle for the win was relatively close here, Samuel Vetrák and Marián Bíž with the BMW M4 GT4 of the Šenkýř Motorsport team had a good pace and in the end they finished in second place ahead of teammate Petr Švantner, also with the BMW M4 GT4.

The GTC category was only represented by Porsche cup cars, so there was no doubt which brand would win. The question was which drivers. In the end, the Kaczmarski-Lisowski pair won ahead of Franz Lahmer and third Gerald Hofer.

Martin Koch with the KTM GTX won the GTX category and Holger Baumgartner with the KTM X-Bow took winning trophy in GTC-x category.

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