Drama until the last corner, Milota beats Záruba

Drama until the last corner, Milota beats Záruba

The exciting battle between Libor Milota and Josef Záruba spiced up the final race of this year’s ESET GT season. Although both competed in a different category, they fought on the track of the Automotodrom Brno as if it was for an absolute victory.

This time there was a collective start of sports prototypes and GT cars. The reason for this was the two pace laps, with the safety car entering the pit lane in front of the GT cars after one pace lap and thus the starting field came together. As a result, exactly thirty racing cars started together and the prototypes of the ARC Bratislava team took the overall lead.

The group of GT cars was led by Libor Milota, who set the fastest time in the morning qualifying ahead of Josef Záruba, Antonín Herbeck and Dennis Waszek. Milota defended the lead from his pursuers Záruba and Herbeck. Waszek then lost contact with the leading trio when he tried to overtake the two prototypes for a long time. Piotr Wira, Martin Koch and Clemens Stadler and Daniel Drexel followed Waszek closely.

Meanwhile, Milota built a small gap on Záruba, but it started to shrink in the last stage of the race and Záruba started looking for an opportunity to overtake the red and white Mercedes. At the first attempt in the Schwantz corner, there was almost a contact between the Mercedes and the Lamborghini. During the next attempt at the same place, both cars were already rubbing against each other, but Záruba did outbreak himself and Milota kept his position. In the last lap, their battle could be affected by a backmarker in a touring car, but the three competitors handled the situation professionally and Milota crossed the finish line just before Záruba.

Milota thus takes maximum success in the GT3 category. He won the sprint and endurance on Saturday and the second sprint on Sunday. Piotr Wira and Petr Kačírek finished behind him in the GT3 classification. The winner of the GTC category was Josef Záruba ahead of Dennis Waszek and Clemens Stadler. At the same time, Waszek confirmed the GTC title, which he had been aiming for all season. Antonín Herbeck triumphed in the GTX category ahead of Daniel Drexel and Martin Koch.

Miro Konopka won in the D5 sports prototypes ahead of Mať Konopka and Max Grip.