Dennis Waszek will be behind the wheel of two cars again

Dennis Waszek will be behind the wheel of two cars again

Dennis Waszek fought for points in the GT3 and GTC categories last year. Also in 2022, he will take care of two race cars. In sprints he will drive Lamborghini Supertrofeo again and in endurance, he will sit behind the wheel of the new BMW M4 GT3 of the Racing Trevor team.

What is your race program in ESET Cup this year?
I plan to drive two cars this year. My father Boleslav and I will share a Lamborghini Supertrofeo, I will race in sprints and my father in endurance races. I will also drive with Gregor Zsigo a new BMW M4 GT3.

Last year, you and Gregor Zsigo were great pair in endurance, two wins and three second places. With what goal are you entering this season?
At first, it will be necessary to get used to the new car and fine-tune everything so we can continue with the results as last year. The goal is to win the whole championship.

If you didn’t miss the opening event last year, you and Zsigo would be champions in endurance. Don’t you regret the missed Hungaroring?
Our team took two places in the top three overall, with Gregor being first, so that was a great result. I really like Hungaroring, so I only regret that I couldn’t enjoy that inaugural ESET Cup race.

You also drove two cars in endurance last year. One with Zsigo, second with father Bolek. Isn’t it difficult to change from one type of car to another during one race?
Physically, it didn’t seem so difficult to me, but it is difficult to change from a BMW M6 GT3, which is huge and has an engine in the front, to a small Lamborghini with an engine in the middle. In both cars you sit completely differently, you have a different view and also the driving style is different. It takes a few turns to get used to it and drive for 100%.

In such cases, the strategy is important so non of the driver had to wait for you. Did you have a fixed strategy?
Mostly, the strategy was to go in the pits with BMW as soon as possible and my dad to Lamborghini at the very latest. As a result, there was plenty of time to prepare for the exchange.

Who do you consider the biggest rival this season?
I still don’t know who will be racing, but I will definitely look forward to all the opponents we´ll compete against. Last year we saw big fights in GT3 with teams like Olimp Racing, Buggyra or Good Speed Racing. There were also exciting moments in the GTC with the Basenhurt or RTR Projects teams. So hopefully this year will be even more interesting.

Which circuit in the ESET Cup calendar suits you best?
I perceive it differently every year. Last year it was Slovakiaring and Grobnik. We’ll see what it looks like this year.

What do you think about the return of the Red Bull Ring?
I can be fast at the Red Bull Ring, so I’m happy for its return. It’s a very fun circuit and I like the environment in which it is located. I’m looking forward to the weekend.