Clio Cup shifts focus to fifth generation cars, introduces changes for 2024 season

Clio Cup shifts focus to fifth generation cars, introduces changes for 2024 season

Several changes are being implemented in the upcoming season of the Clio Cup, aiming to create a clearer distinction between the fifth and fourth generations of cars, as well as making slight adjustments to the session lengths.

Last year’s Clio Cup featured a relatively equal number of Clio V and Clio IV cars, which caused confusion among spectators as the older generation proved to be faster. Some on-track battles between Clio V and Clio IV cars were not for actual race positions.

Starting from 2024, the starting grid will be divided between the two generations. The fifth generation cars will line up at the front, with the older generation behind them. Additionally, compensation weight will be added to the Clio IV cars to ensure they are not significantly faster.

The series promoter, Josef Křenek, made this decision due to safety concerns. The mixed grid of cars with different speeds resulted in a dangerous opening lap, particularly during the first turn.

In other news, the qualifying session will be shortened from 25 minutes to 20 minutes, while the practice session will be extended by an additional five minutes, increasing from 25 to 30 minutes.

The champion of the Clio Cup also received the starting money for the TCR Eastern Europe for the following season.

The calendar for the upcoming season will once again consist of six events. The new Balaton Park in Hungary will host the season opener in April, followed by the second round at Red Bull Ring in May, and then Hungaroring. The fourth round will be held at Autodrom Most, followed by races at Slovakia Ring and the season finale at Automotodrom Brno in September. Alongside the Clio Cup, the race weekends will also feature TCR Eastern Europe, F4 CEZ series, ESET Cup, and Twingo Cup.

The next news within the Clio Cup is the launch of the website, where you can find all the essential information and articles.

For more detailed information about the 2024 season of Clio Cup, you can refer to the official presentation (LINK)

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27.–28. 04. – Balaton Park
18.–19. 05. – Red Bull Ring
15.–16. 06. – Hungaroring
03.–04. 08. – Most
24.–25. 08. – Slovakia Ring
07.–08. 09. – Brno