Clio Cup bids farewell to this year’s season in Brno, Lantos and Štefančič claim their first victories

Clio Cup bids farewell to this year’s season in Brno, Lantos and Štefančič claim their first victories

The final event of the 2023 Clio Cup season at the Automotodrom Brno provided the audience with both a dramatic race and expected results. In the Clio V classification, Szabolcs Lantos and Nik Štefančič shared the honors during the two-race weekend. Meanwhile, Martin Kadlečík secured the top spot once again in Clio IV.

The champions of this season had already been determined in the penultimate event at the Slovakia Ring. However, two important questions lingered for the Brno event. Could Martin Kadlečík continue his winning streak and claim victory in all the races this year? And who would emerge victorious in the absence of champion Tomáš Pekař among the Clio V drivers?

Tomáš Pekař dominated this year’s Clio Cup season, converting ten starts into eight victories and sealing his exceptional campaign with the title in Slovakia. However, he did not participate in the Brno race. Not because he didn’t want to, but because he was competing in the European Clio Cup at the Red Bull Ring. This opened up an opportunity for other drivers in Brno. Nik Štefančič, who was second in the standings, and competing in his first season in the Clio, was a strong favorite for victory. However, Szabolcs Lantos was also eager to claim his first win of the season. In the end, Lantos succeeded but had to fiercely battle against Štefančič and Miha Primožič. He crossed the checkered flag in first place, three seconds ahead of Štefančič, celebrating his well-deserved victory. In the second race, the tables turned, and it was Štefančič who set the fastest pace, finishing over four seconds ahead of Lantos. Both young drivers made the most of Tomáš Pekař’s absence and claimed the top step of the podium, a position they had been striving for since the beginning of the season.

In the Clio IV classification, the results were clear-cut. Martin Kadlečík secured pole position, led from start to finish, and emerged victorious. The scenario unfolded on both Saturday and Sunday. Kadlečík dominated this year’s season and achieved a record-breaking twelve consecutive victories. Although the starting grid for the older generation of Clios was not as strong as in Clio V, it does not diminish the value of Kadlečík’s performance. The young driver performed flawlessly throughout the season, showcasing remarkable skills and surpassing all challengers in terms of speed. One can only hope that Kadlečík will transition to the fifth generation of the Clio and demonstrate his speed there as well, as he certainly has the potential for it.

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