Can Jedlinski remain unbeaten in Endurance?

Can Jedlinski remain unbeaten in Endurance?

It has been a dominant season for Marcin Jedlinski in the GT3 Endurance, as he remains unbeaten so far this season. And in Grobnik, he wants to continue in that. But the Polish driver faces a difficult task as his competitors are more than ready to stop him, led by Gregor Zsigo and Dennis Waszek.

Marcin Jedlinski is not dominant only in the GT3 Sprint races, but in Endurance events as well. The Polish driver has won 5 out of 6 Sprint races so far, and he was victorious in all 3 Endurance races. It comes as no surprise that the Olimp Racing driver leads the championship standings by 12 points, and he wants to take his 4th win in Grobnik, Croatia.

But it is not going to be easy for Jedlinski at all. He has to be cautious especially about the Trevor Racing crew of Gregor Zsigo and Dennis Waszek. They have managed to finish 2nd at Slovakiaring and Poznan. In Poland, they were very close to beat Jedlinski in wet conditions. Zsigo also has a 3rd place finish from the opening race at Hungaroring, where he was racing on his own.

However, there is also Stanislaw Jedlinski, who wants to be victorious again and to beat his own son. He is currently 4th in the standings, behind Marcin, Gregor Zsigo and Dennis Waszek.

Stanislaw Jedlinski will be amongst GT3 favourites. Photo: Petr Frýba

GT4: Pavlíček and Janiš aim for third victory

In the GT4 Endurance standings, it is Matěj Pavlíček who leads after the first half of the season. The RTR Projects driver has an incredible debut season on racing circuits. At Hungaroring and Slovakiaring, he raced together with Erik Janiš and in both cases they were victorious. At Poznan circuit, he was joined by a former Formula 1 driver Tomáš Enge and together they finished in 2nd place. But in Grobnik, Janiš is back to joins Pavlíček and they aim for their 3rd win of the year.

But there is also a strong competition like a Trevor Racing driver Ferenc Ficza, who was victorious in the previous round at Poznan. Then there is also a Lema Racing crew of Grega Šimunovič and Mathias Lodi or Buggyra drivers David Vršecký and Aliyyah Koloc. And for them, it is going to be a debut race with the Mercedes-AMG GT4 car.

Ferenc Ficza will try to repeat a victory from Poznan in GT4. Photo: Petr Frýba

GTC: Lamborghini vs. KTM vs. Porsche

Fans can expect plenty of racing in the GTC category as well. Here, it is going to be Dennis Waszek together with his father Bolek behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, as they want to follow up on their victory in the previous round at Poznan. But for Dennis, it is going to be a challenging Endurance race, as he will also race with a BMW M6 GT3 of Trevor Racing together with Gregor Zsigo.

And there are also some other strong teams like RTR Projects with Tomáš Miniberger or GT2 Motorsport with Petr Břečka. While Miniberger is preparing for his second Endurance race of the season with the KTM X-Bow GTX, Petr Břečka is preparing for his debut in this season. Also, an interesting fact is, that Miniberger’s first outing of the season came at Slovakiaring, where he and his teammate Sergej Pavlovec took a victory.

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