Libor Milota won the endurance race after the nice fight

Libor Milota won the endurance race after the nice fight

The last race of Saturday’s program at the Automotodrom Brno was the one-hour endurance. There was a beautiful battle between Mercedes and BMW GT3 cars in the second half of the race and eventually Libor Milota became the winner.

The Ligier LMP3 prototype of the ARC Bratislava team also took part in the race. The yellow prototype started from the front row and was driven by Miro Konopka, who was later replaced by Maťo Konopka. Next to him on the grid was Libor Milota with Mercedes AMG. The leader of the points standing Gregor Zsigo started behind him with a BMW M4 GT3 and later handed the car over to Dennis Waszek. However, Zsigo did not rest and planned to race also with the second team car – an older model BMW M6 GT3. It was driven by Štefan Rosina at the beginning of the race.

Immediately after the start, Milota took the lead for a while, but even before entering the second corner, Miro Konopka was already back in the lead. In the meantime, Štefan Rosina with a BMW M6 began to attack Milota hard. In the third lap, the Slovakian driver managed to get to the first place in the GT3 category and slowly began to move away from the Milota.

The safety car came onto the track due to an accident after ten minutes of the race. Igor Klaja with a Porsche tried to overtake the generation older Porsche of Bob Bau, instead there was an accident. Bob Bau droves only a few meters further, Klaja stopped in the corner and the safety car had to go to the track.

It wasn’t long before the Porsche was removed from the track and raced begun again. Soon there was half-time and Gregor Zsigo was the first to appear in the pits. Waszek immediately sat behind the wheel and Zsigo had only a few minutes to rest and gather strength for the second stint behind the wheel of the BMW M6.

After the pit stops, Milota returned to the lead, but once again there was BMW of Racing Trevor behind him. This time it was a new M4 GT3 model with Waszek. In the remaining twenty minutes of the race, the pair raced and entertained the spectators in the stands. Waszek tried to find a recipe for overtaking the Mercedes and several times the two cars found themselves side by side, but Milota defended first place in the GT3 category and won his first endurance of the season. Second was Waszek, who shared a BMW with Gregor Zsigo, sealing a successful 2022 season and the title in the endurance championship. Finishing Zsigo with a BMW M6, which he shared with Štefan Rosina, was also classified in third place.

The title and victory in the GTC category went to the Polish duo Martin Kaczmarski and Mateusz Lisowski with a Porsche 911. Clemens Stadler finished in second place and Libor Dvořáček and Kurt Wagner finished third. Antonín Herbeck with Pagani Zonda won in GTX class infront of Martin Koch and Daniel Drexel – Denis Liebl.

In the sports prototypes, Miro and Maťo Konopka´s won with a Ligier LMP3 ahead of Max Grip with a KTM X-Bow.